Fuzzlight high output led grow light is perfect for your DIY greenhouse hydroponic system gardening . The ultimate ratio of red+blue light.

NOT All LED grow lights perform the same ig the lumens are identical and all conditions are the same such as nutrient solution,air mixture co2 systems. becuase nobody has emitters that put out optimum photosynthetic active radiation(PAR) for the types of chlorophyll. Fuzzlights are superior becuase all the rest are spotlight lamps which do not mic the red and blue spectrum led light properly. The best light is outdoors. A perfect hydroponics setup would be led grow lamps inside a greenhouse and timed to turn on at different times of the day. Fuzzlight is a replacement for poor quality high pressure sodium bulbs or metal halide grow lamps. Fuzzlight grow lights are not available at your local hydroponics/greenhouse supply store

Grow hydroponic tomatoes year round in an DIY indoor greenhouse! Fuzzlight led grow lights have an optimum ratio of blue to red leds. This light gets mixed together from about 2 inches from your indoor plants. It is not known if these grow lights are dimmable. However we are doing research right this moment on variable reluctance dual ballast systems for flourescent grow lights. we are working on CFL lmaps and high kelvin fluorescent lights.

complete metal halide lamps MH operate in high ambient temperatures. As a result your nutrient needs will be decreased. You may not even need a nutrient meter. when the temperatures are lower your need for expensive environmental controls such as hydrponics fans will be eliminated. You also will have less of a problem with smells. a much smaller carbon filter will be needed.Plus the pest control problem will be lessened. use less neemo insect oil.

Are you looking for the perfect homemade hydroponics or home vegetables gardening light setup? are you seed starting? in your rockwool cubes or other grow media as you can with the competing brands.

Destroy your utility bills.No more hot roofs.15 watts of fuzzlights equals 500 watt HID lamp or 250watt HPS when led is 3 inches from canopy of plants. becuase leds hit the perfect spot for photosynthetic active radiation. One bulb will let you grow like a hot and expensive ceramic metal halide or cheap HID lamps. 8 lights are equal to greater than 1500watt HID grow lights and cover 16 square feet when placed 3 inches from greenhouse foliage. at greater distances your coverage will increase but your intensity will decrease by 4 fold for every double in height.

These DIY plant growth lights are easy to install.Especially outdoors where the sprays won’t get in and corrode parts. a perfect replacement for your 400watt MH used for hydroponic greenhouse vegetables. Can even outperform HPS bulbs when at a distance of
3 inches from canopy. great penetration. Excellent high powered led grow lights 15 watts each.

These led grow lamps Installs in a 48″t8 fluorescent fixture directly to 120vac. Can even connect directly with line current for a fast and cheap setup. Compare with t5 fluorescent bulbs and metal halide reflectors.

You’ve read about led arrays and hydroponic grow lights. Now is the time to make your indoor garden lighting investment. Consider fuzzlights key to great DIY indoor garden. Or professional aquaponics or aeroponics systems.Fuzzlights have a glass jacket which shields them from being shortcircuited by the natural fertilizer sprayers.

Simple: stick in ballastless fluorescent light fixture or solder directly to a wall plug. No expensive low voltage transformers needed.The perfect solution for hydroponics at home!

Long life: 5-10 years before replacing the lights versus replacing your HID light every 6 months. No need for a capacitor start circuit

Efficient. red and blue light target the main active absorbing regions of chlorophyll a and b. be sure to use a halogen light. at the end of the cycle. you can get the end of day infrared

The rate of flux of either red or blue light will seriously influence the growth and flowering rate of vegetables. At 25K milicandela most plants will respond more to red light than blue light. But more intense blue light will cause flowering earlier. we have selected a 2:1 ratio of microeinsteins (flux) to ensure your plants grow and flower faster.

How do the fuzzlight hydroponic plant outdoor lights keep odor and mold down to a minimum? For one you can forget about using actibecuase the fuzzlights use 75% less energy than the more common plant lights do they creat less heat. Fewer radiated watts means less humidity and a cooler grow box. Here are articles for your horticulture systems also check out the aeroponics articles,if you are into leds and solar cells and high energy setup