Basil Hydroponics

how to grow a garden with Hydroponics Basil

Hydroponic system is a soil-less system used to produce just about any crop. This article will focus entirely on hydroponically produced Basil. Hydroponics is an excellent system because of the inherent conservation technique that it implies. It is a good system in conserving water. Through the nutrient system water could be used and reused. When compared with soil production the advantage of hydroponics system is without doubt more superior. Basil is considered a high value crop

And sweet basil is quite popular. It has several types, e.g there is the sweet basil, the opal basil and the bush basil among other types. The most important starting point would be selection of good seeds, depending exactly on what kind of basil the grower wants to grow. Basil can be transplanted to the hydroponics center or the grower could simply use seeds to start anew. Basil grows well in hydroponics condition, however some factors ought to be considered when making the decision to grow basil hydroponically.

Naturally basil has an extensive root network, so it would make sense to space the plant as much as possible when planting. Though it is easy to grow, but basil does not do well in extreme cold or frost. So the grower must put that into consideration when growing basil. Also it has been found that basil grows better when the growing water solution is a little warm. Again the grower may need to pay attention to the entire temperature set up, basil does not seem to do well in extreme heat either. Basil consumes good amount of potassium, calcium, and magnesium. So every effort ought to be made to provide those items in order to get maximum result. Also remember that nitrogen deficiency would damage the crop. It is important to measure the correct amount of magnesium application. The same applies to iron and sodium level. Any deficiency will damage the crop. Also growing humidity would need to be kept at an acceptable level for the plant to thrive and grow well. If all of t these conditions are applied to their best level, the farmer may be looking at harvesting his crops in about 8 weeks period from the moment of planting. Some people have defined hydroponics farming system as the potential savior of the world from hunger. But this system of growing is also very economical even though the farmer would need to invest some money initially. Hydroponics will allow the grower to grow all year round, as long as all growing conditions are met. They are usually disease free and virus free, and those could be translated into better crops and handsome financial reward.