Cucumber Hydroponics

Cucumber and Hydroponic Farming.

For most people cucumber is a familiar name, because of it’s use on salads. That makes cucumber a high value crop. The demand is high and consistent. It will make a good farming investment, and the farmer will not have to wait very long to begin harvesting his crop.

Hydroponics is a farming technology used to farm just about any thing effectively. For the cucumber farmer, this may be a good investment because this plant does not need another plant or insects in order to pollinate. And if the farmer pays close attention he could get seeds that are resistant to viruses. The farbio seed and the corona seeds have been found to be virus resistant. The other good point in farming cucumber is that under excellent conditions the farmer could harvest his crops in about 60 days only. That’s a good point for the serious farmer, since he can farm year round and harvest regularly click now.

Insect and your cucumbers

That usually translates to better financial situation for the farmer. Because hydroponics farming system minimizes insects infections and diseases generally, the farmer will also harvest good and healthy crops. Cucumbers tolerates high temperature, up to 80 degrees or more. So the farmer must always observe his crops to make sure the right temperature is present. Cucumbers do not do well in extreme cold or frost, therefore there is a constant need to maintain good temperature. Cucumbers are voratious eaters, so there is a need for regular nutrient application to the crop, because it grows very quickly. Nitrogen potassium and phosphorous are needed regularly by cucumber, so the farmer will need to have those handy. It is important to measure these applications of feeding in order to make sure that only the right amount is applied. Watch the temperature regularly in order to for any spike in temperature, because an unnecessary spike in temperature may affect the crop adversely.

Lighting is equally important especially for indoor farmers, where the sun may not be able to penetrate into the plants. It is important to give the plant regular light, up to 16 hour of light exposure is recommended. Since cucumber germinates well, the farmer will not need to waste money in securing too much seeds, because this plant has almost a hundred percent history of germination. Also direct seed cultivation may not be a good idea, because most transplanted seeds do quite well. Which means that it may be enough to plant just one seed in one pot, container…etc. So the need for good temperature, adequate nitrogen application, and constant light exposure are required in order for cucumbers to do well in hydroponics farming system. Pay attention to insects control, use a suitable medium. The farmer has to be careful if using soil, because of the potential for water saturation. Feed the crop regularly and remove any crooking or curvature cucumber whenever observed click now.