Hydroponic Equipment

Growing With hydroponics

Hydroponics is a farming system that requires no soil. This article will list some of the important items a farmer would need in order to have a successful indoor hydroponics system. The most important item may be the actual hydroponics system. For this a new comer would need to shop around and find what is adequate for him. The amount of space must be considered. The individual must decided how large his operation would be and that.

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The next thing would be to gather the seeds. It is important to get the correct seeds of whatever crop the person is interested in growing. Some seeds are virus free, and it may be ideal to get the virus free seeds, particularly for beginners. There are numerous books and articles as well as important studies on hydroponic technology, it would be advisable to do some reading. Understand exactly what you may be going against. This is a financial commitment so it is a good idea to investigate all areas of the operation before you jump in. So by now you have your equipment and you have studied up on the project, the next thing may be to look for appropriate media. Perlite is popular, but there are other media out there, so you have to decide what is good for you. Now may be a good time to secure your hydroponics nutrients. You have to remember that different nutrient are needed for different stages of the growing process. You may get every thing you need from your city garden store. They are usually familiar with what you may need. So pick their brains, listen, and follow the written instructions. Some crops would need to be monitored for exact temperature. It may be necessary to keep close eyes on the temperature and make sure you do not deviate too much from the required temperature.

Again depending on your choice of crop, lighting is essential, particularly in indoor operation. Flourescent lights are quite good, reasonably priced. Metal Halide lights or MH are also very good and have it’s own advantages. The MH usually has great heat emission and is said to be particularly handy during the vegetative phase of the crops. And MH ranges in size from 40 to 1000. Just one MH bulb may be adequate for a closet operation. The other light is the high pressure sodium light. And it is recommended for the flowering stage of the crop. Also make sure you have balance in Ph that usually helps to keep the crop healthy. Since these are practices that have actually been verified, if a new coming follows the track that others have gone through, there is little doubt that the farmer will do well.