Solar Cell Circuit Kit

How to do really cool things with solar cells and light emitting diodes

For this solar led circuit you will need cheap leds and solar cells found here

For the longest time I have always been fascinated with leds. You know light emitting diodes. Light emitting diodes are those little red things you see in your car dash or alarm system. They work in a way that is totally different than a light bulb that is in your kitchen.

Solar cells are those dark crystalline sheets you see on people’s roofs.they convert the photns from the suns energy into electromotive power. They Are extremely expensive do not bother importing solar cells They are mostly manufactured in china. You can look in google under solar cells or solar panels. I have found that the cheapest solar cells are to be found at at your local drug store you can easily get under a 3 dollars per watt. For some reason there seems to be a vast conspiracy among the sellers to keep the price so high. Its sure not the semiconductor fabrication equipment.

So you have bought your cheap electronic kit LED solar cells and you want to fix up yourself a survival home base or a nifty flashlight. I have the perfect idea for you. We all know how capacitors store up a charge a release it really fast. A supercapacitor or ultra capacitor such as those 2 farad 2.5 volt deals from Maxwell can really allow you to get the required voltage and amperage for a killer led flashlight that is powered with solar energy.

Here is what you are going to need:
An electronic kit of a 30watt white star emitter from quasar led. Yes they really do exist and the light can and will blind you. 50 of those solar cells that come in those solar calculators 10 super capacitors from Maxwell technologies get the smallest ones they are about 2 farads apiece one electronic diode rate 50PIV. Soldering gun and 5 inches of silver solder wire.

You will want to solder all 50 of the solar cells in series. This might take a few minutes but I promise you will love this flashlight. An LED flashlight with many watts of white light can easily turn a campers tent into a awesome experience.

Now you want to solder the diode in series with the array of solar cells. The diode should be soldered to the red wire and pointing toward the solar array. You should take a voltmeter and see if you get 26-28 volts coming out.

Here you would want to solder the ultracapacitors together in series. Because they are flat you can have all 10 of the in a small space way less than in a solar flashlight. Solder the diode wire array in parallel with the capacitor bank. Now solder some leads to the led emitter. Now solder a switch to the capacitor bank. Solder the led emitter to a quarter and solder that electronic assembly to the solar cell/ capacitor bank. You now have a solar powered electronic circuit flashlight that can put out 30watts of light power for two seconds.