Strawberries Hydroponics

Growing Hydroponics Strawberries.

The hydroponics system is a soil-less farming system. This system is presently used to produce enormous amounts of produce, for commercial and individual consumption. This article will look at the production of strawberries with hydroponics system.

For a long time farmers applied methyl bromide in order to kill the soil diseases that is inherent with soil agriculture. But with hydroponics production the need for methyl bromide may soon become a thing of the past. However, in order to set up this system, initial financial commitment is necessary, but that initial investment is usually recovered and more. Strawberries are quite popular with consumers. More so, when the product is better and tastier.

Strawberries are recognized as a high value produce. That essentially means that the product does well in financial conversion. With year round production, this produce is certain to make reasonable amount, and the farmer could recover financially since he could price his product a little higher than usual without losing his customer base. Strawberries have been shown to do well under the hydroponics system. The farmer will also do well because with that initial set up, he can reuse the nutrient solution, thereby reduce the entire cost of production. Very little is wasted, the water in hydroponics could be reused and the labor is not as intensive as it is with soil farming. The farmer would also need to monitor the temperature for the plant. Strawberries have been found to do much better when the day time temperature is around 68 degrees, and the night time temperature is around 57, or 58.

Again it is well known that strawberries respond well to NFT, or nutrient film technique. As long as the farmer is able to apply such technique he can be sure he will come out ahead financially.

So coupled with minimal labor, the potential for higher income from selling a superior product, there is very little doubt that the farmer will do well financially. . Also it is a big advantage when the farmer could minimize the cost of doing business, because he can reuse the nutrient base solution. At 57 or 68 degrees, lighting is not as intense as could be in other hydroponics farming produce. The system is not labor intensive, so with little attention to the growing plants a farmer could make much more than he could in soil farming.